Active Learning Workshop 2-6 year olds

Active Learnig Workshops for 2 to 6 years old

Growing Together is a non profitable Association that run and manage this project, its purpose “help improving and change our current educational models”

At Growing Together we are aware that each individual child is important, which is why we respect their rhythms, apply personalised models and are committed to maintaining sustainable classroom ratios. In addition, we aim to provide a warm and welcoming environment, where teachers do not pressure children but rather, guide and mediate their learning in a process intended to be enjoyable for all. Children will be the protagonists of their own learning, deepening their understanding of relevant topics rather than accumulating superficial knowledge.

To sum up, we propose a holistic, active and personalised education; an education in and for peace and freedom; a democratic, bi-lingual education based firmly on the concept of respect for the environment.

Because of the absorbent nature of this age group, the students do not need teacher based education in order to learn. Rather, they need to be able to move, touch, explore and learn from purposeful activity under trained teacher guidance and support. For students under six, amazing levels of learning are accomplished by being surrounded by a rich learning environment accompanied by aware educators who support and guide the development of a broad foundation of knowledge and learning. Students are given a safe, welcoming and nurturing learning environment that provides the necessary ingredients for them to thrive emotionally, socially and academically.

The Early Childhood years provide children with a language-rich environment where they learn through play and experience. Play serves as an important part of a child’s physical, emotional and social development and is an integral component of each day. Creativity and individuality are carefully nurtured and encouraged. The program provides a variety of experiences to support reading readiness, writing development and math skills, enabling children to become self-confident learners in their new environment. As children begin to discover the joy and satisfaction of learning, they also come to appreciate how cooperation, respect and fairness are valued throughout the school community.

We encourage parents to visit the classrooms when they can, we do work with open doors. Children enjoy sharing their activities and projects with family members as they settle into their daily routine. While formal meetings are scheduled a few times during the year “Parents schools”, teachers are available to speak with parents whenever there are questions or concerns. Written reports are sent home in January and June. We believe that a successful experience in school depends on open and frequent communication.

We want to offer:

•    An understanding and active educational project which moves away from models based on rote-learning and towards the development of critical faculties.
•    A space dedicated to a holistic education, where knowledge is presented creatively and not in a fragmented fashion, and is always linked to the community and to nature.
•    A place where children are the protagonists of their own learning.
•    An environment that encourages and allows for their emotional development and where individual rhythms, interests and motivations are respected.
•    Relationships based on respect and on listening to others – where children are encouraged to get to know each other and themselves and where conflicts are resolved with honesty and clarity.
•    A sustainable environment, where environmental education is a cornerstone of the curriculum.
•    A community where educators and families also learn on a day-to-day basis. We do not want to build an ivory tower cut off from the rest of society – we want the surrounding community to be active participants in an open project.