Who We Are

My family and I are multilingual and multicultural. We decided to start this Multicultural project to meet the needs of a community seeking a new approach in education. A place where innovative teaching is welcomed, a place where respect and tolerance is expected and encouraged, a place where multilingual and multicultural attitudes are considered beneficial and advantageous to a childs upbringing.

Over the last few years we have grown to be a focal point for people, locally, nationally, and internationally, who want their children to benefit from this enviroment. In 2018 we received Best English Language Training – South West Spain, Iberian Business Awards 2018. Families, educators, teachers , linguists , nutritionists, volunteers and interns from all corners of Spain and the World are now partners in Blossom, a place where proyects and dreams became true.

In 2019, we have created Growing Together, a non profitable Association to manage and promote Active Learning pedagogies, helping Multicultural families to adjust in Spanish Culture creating project and spaces to develop together as a community.

Our common goal: to take the best of every culture and give our children a happy, stimulating, and fun childhood, while giving them foundational skills and attitudes that will benefit them in this brave new world.


Managing Director