Team & Resources

The team consists of native and bilingual professionals from different countries, highly qualified personnel, teachers, social workers, child education specialists, philologists and socio-cultural monitors.

 Raquel Martinez Ruiz – Founder and Director of Growing Together Active Learning area. Master in Montessori Pegagogy, Graduated in “International Business Administration”. Spent many years enterprising various children’s projects in England within the field of health. Coordinator of the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. Qualified in recognised courses relating to Child Education: Child Psychology and Psychopathology, Sociocultural Monitora, also courses related to Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Forest School, …

Jonathan Webb BSc (Hons) MInstP – Joint Founder of the Project; spent many years working on volunteer projects in Belize, Honduras and Guatemala, with Voluntaries Over Seas. Formally educated in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Engineering, and has years of experience teachin Science, and working on Science Projects around the world. He was motivated to create a modern bilingual education center along with his wife Raquel Martinez Ruiz.

Rosana del Rey Aumaitre – She has proven to be an amazing educator and guide in our project, technical educator in Montessori pedagogy, Study music at “Conservatortio de Música de Falla” in Cádiz, Mindfulness and Yoga teacher. She is a very important key in our Early years clases as well as afternoon workshops for kids in ages 3 to 8 years old.

Demi Wildstrap – Certified pedagogical worker, studied for 4 years pedagogical work MBO 4 while doing several internships to gain different work experiences with many learning opportunities including an internship at Blossom Playschool. After graduated in the Netherlands and worked in childcare with many different ages, she decided to move to Spain to Blossom, where she fallen in love with our way of guiding, educating and teaching. She works with great pleasure and kids truly enjoy her company and knowledge.

We use our garden as a teaching tool and as a practical model of relations between human beings and nature. A way to live with and experience nature. To feel close to nature, learn to value and respect, understand and experience, weather at home or at school. To encourage a healthy understanding, healthy eating habits, and ahealthy outdoor lifestyles – all through creative development!

Everything around us, all resources used: objects, materials and structures, are not seen as passive cognitive elements, but rather as elements that condition and are conditioned by the actions of individuals. We use our garden as a teaching tool and as a practical model of relationships between human beings and nature – seeking to live and experience nature, to learn its intricacies, to value and respect, to experience, to understand where the food we eat in home or at school comes from, become aware of healthy eating and a healthy attitude to outdoor life through creative development!

Located in Chiclana de la Frontera, in the residential area of Los Gallos. 180 square meters of facilities – Three large rooms for the children. Divided gardens in a 500 sqaure meter plot.

Outside is divided into three zones:
soft play area (with rubber flooring), a garden with toys & climbing frames, and a Mother Earth corner, where the children can create a farm of vegetables and flowers.

– Our first and foremost concern is to provide a warm, safe and positive experience for children while they are away from home.
– Our open plan classrooms are designed to facilitate social and emotional growth, while providing physical and intellectual development.
– Activities and guidance are provided to assist the children to develop a strong self-image, verbalization of feelings, co-operative interaction and acceptance of others.